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Donnalyn Brown

Donnalyn Brown

Biographical Info Donnalyn Burke Brown is the General Manager of The American Institute for Stress. Following a stressful career of raising three girls, she obtained pre-hospital medical certification as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician working in both the ambulance and industrial settings. She has been continuously licensed since 1997. During this time, Ms. Brown obtained certification as an Industrial Hearing Conservationist, EKG technician and in drug testing administration. She was certified as one of the charter practitioners of Critical Incident Stress Management in Louisiana in June 1997. After relocating with her family to Florida in 1999, Ms. Brown took on a management role with a Jacksonville, Florida based home health agency, serving as its Manager of Private Services. She took on additional roles as Manager of Community Services and Emergency Coordinator for the company’s physical plant and its client’s evacuation plans. She was certified as a Memory Impairment Specialist, CMIS, in September of 2003. Through her position, she served as the volunteer coordinator for respite care providers and a city-wide elder event in 2015 and 2016. The interaction with family members of seniors providing long-term care in their homes highlighted the stress these family members are under to maintain their careers and care for their aging relatives. A significant portion of Ms. Brown’s time was spent in assisting these family members in dealing with their stress as well as her staff and the stress associated with being a caregiver.

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