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Connecting For Contentment and Peace Is Possible

If we tapped into the magical moments in our lives where we felt undeniable calmness, peace and contentment, they still can offer a visceral shift in our mental state. Each scene whether solo or a social one with people, allowed for the healing connection with Nature, an animal, a child, or God if you are faith filled. These connections most matter for women’s health!

Having such a heart connection is critical for balance, wellness and stability, as we have learned the last few years. If we aren’t aware nor capable of having some kind moments to connect with the heart, the non-profit can help. To learn just why breathing, slowing down with Yin Yoga, getting a relaxing massage, praying, meditation, going for a soul walk, or being with your pet to offer valuable ways to come back home to your heart. All to keep stress and the hormone cortisol from wreaking havoc as women’s stress is at its highest!

Finding quiet moments, or crazy ones in your day, to do a powerful breathing technique taught to the Navy Seals, Box Breathing can nourish your mind and offer a space of calm ( The past few years I have taught this to business groups and clients on my massage table, to have a tool that is always with you. Whether driving, on Zoom, in an argument, or helping to fall asleep, your breath is your best friend, and the closest! To see and experience Box Breathing and my signature Stim Vn, click here:

In Dr. Peter Attia’s book Outlive, the Science and Art of Longevity this medical researcher focuses on lessening the onset of disease, by increasing “lifespan” while improving your “healthspan”, or quality of life. Why this is matters to pay attention to is because research reveals the fastest growing heart disease death rate is found in middle aged women from 45-64!

Finding your tool box for contentment and peace is possible so you do not become one of these statistics. Since many chronic diseases and CVD is lifestyle driven, there is hope in choosing to find solace in your own wellness longevity plan. Here is a start, to KISS, keep it simple, silly:

  • K indness – be loving and kind to yourself daily, and to others
  • I nvestigate – find holistic wellness choices that nourish you
  • S low Down – pause to breathe, be present and connect with others
  • S how Gratitude – the flip side of anger/anxiety/upset



Photo by Oleksandr Canary Islands


Linda Penkala, Author, LMTBy Linda Penkala, Author, LMT