Ditch The Yoga Mats. Burnout Requires A Complete Overhaul

While Burnout Continues To Manifest In Workers Across The United States, Some Experts Say The Key To Reducing Burnout Fatigue In Women Is To Completely Restructure Their Lives

Three years into Covid-19, and Americans continue to feel the weight of pandemic stress and anxiety. Now, the American Institute of Stress has revealed some grim reports. Over half of Americans feel stress during the day, and 63% of American workers are close to quitting their jobs to end work-related stress. In fact,27% of Americans say that they often experience stress levels so high it’s difficult to function.

Managing stress during the coronavirus pandemic took its toll on women in particular. After the years of isolation, shouldering the brunt of childrearing and juggling job demands, female stress levels are at a ten-year high, resulting in anxiety, irritability, and work-related burnout.

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t create burnout, but it did help put a name to it. It wasn’t until 2019 that the World Health Organization acknowledged burnout as an occupational phenomenon and identified its insidious effects like inefficacy, cynicism, and chronic fatigue, and depletion.

As the pandemic progressed, burnout became such a significant issue it spilled into work and business decisions, until it finally became a phenomenon that demanded to be taken seriously. “With all of its pain and losses, the pandemic has been an amazing catalyst to finding real solutions for burnout,” says Julie Santiago, founder of We Are The Women.

There’s a difference between stress and burnout, experts say. People can recover from stress, but burnout is the result of cumulative stress that demands a complete restructuring in how we view life, work, and the melding of the two.

“Burnout is never just about your job. It’s a symptom of a much deeper problem,” Santiago reports. But conventionally, we treat burnout with ineffective tools, like taking a yoga class or seeing a mental health counselor. Santiago says those traditional methods only put a Band-Aid on the problem – and a flimsy one at that.

Stepping back from a job, taking less work, or even taking a weeks’ vacation doesn’t solve the problem, either. If anything, it creates a new, more vicious issue where powerful women can become locked out of career opportunities. Instead of minimizing job roles or quitting all together, the key is to live a more sustainable way.

For Santiago, the key to battle women burnout is to equip women with tools they can use to maintain their career status while living a more fulfilled, stress-free life.

“Intelligent, high-achieving women don’t need more information. They don’t need to rehash the past. They certainly don’t need another time-management tool. These women need new, revolutionary tools that restructure their lives.”

We Are The Women, Friday, March 24, 2023, Press release pictureWe Are The Women, Press release picture

Meditation and mindfulness are such tools that, when implemented regularly, can combat burnout-related issues. Many studies report that mindfulness courses decrease burnout, while integrating daily meditation can be an effective strategy in reducing anxiety levels while also mitigating burnout and stress at work.

“Women change the world,” Santiago says. “Women are powerful. But we need women resourced, empowered, and supported so they can effect change – in their families, companies, and the world. But first, they just need some damn sleep.”


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