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Dr. Daniel Andreae Will Receive IAOTP’s Top Inspirational Mentor Award

Dr. Daniel Andreae, pastAssociate Adjunct Professor at Renison University College, University of Waterloo, and Professor at the University of Guelph Humber, was recently selected as IAOTP’S Top Inspirational Mentor Award.

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only 1 member who is a dedicated Inspirational Mentor is selected for this distinction. Dr. Andreae is being recognized for having over two decades of professional experience as an educator and as an overall inspiration. He will receive this award at IAOTP’s Annual Awards Gala being held this December at the Plaza Hotel. IAOTP is incredibly honored to recognize Dr. Andreae for all his success and dedication.

Stephanie Cirami, the President of the International Association of Top Professionals, stated, “We are honored to have Dr. Andreae as our Inspirational Mentor.  For the past 6 years, I can proudly say that Dr. Andreae has been a mentor to myself as well as our IAOTP family. His generosity, compassion, and willingness to make a difference people’s lives makes him truly one of a kind. We are honoring Dr. Andreae for his integrity, unique encounters with causes, and continuous advocacy achievements in the field of brain health.”

Dr. Andreae was born in Canada and graduated from the University of Toronto with a Doctorate in Education. Wilfrid Laurier University awarded him a Master of Clinical Social Work degree. Dr. Andreae received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto prior to entering Wilfrid Laurier University. Assumption University in Windsor, Ontario, bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Laws for his contributions to health care.  He was also awarded an honorary degree from The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and most recently, The Michener Institute of the University Health Network (UHN) granted him an honorary diploma in health care.  Dr. Andreae was admitted to the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association as a result of his study at the Boston-based Benson Henry Mind Body Institute, which is linked with Massachusetts General Hospital and he is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.  He is also a credentialed Health Coach and a Founding Member of the Institute of Coaching, which is affiliated with Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Andreae has proved success not just in academics but also as an excellent community champion and real visionary of his time as a dynamic, results-driven leader. He says, “Education is not just an intellectual exercise; it is most effective when the head meets the heart and knowledge can be applied to enhance the quality of one’s life on all levels: educational, physical, spiritual and social.”

Dr. Andreae is fascinated by the brain’s intricacy and mystery, since everything we think, feel, plan for, want, imagine, or do is dependent on the numerous connections among the 86 billion neurons, each with innumerable branches of connections to each other. It is believed that something the size of a grain of sand has 100 million neurons and a billion synapses or connections. Andreae, on the other hand, underlines that the brain must always be examined in the context of the delicate dance between nature and nurture. Nature, our biology, is represented by the brain and its structure and function, whereas nurture is represented by the environment. This refers to both the exterior world, which our brain must continually traverse via brain activity, and the inside environment, which includes our emotions and experiences. The brain is constantly reacting to both surroundings at the same time. In the same way that an aircraft requires two wings to fly, a knowledge of the complicated biology of the brain, although necessary, must be combined with the other wing, our exterior environment, as well as our learning, experiences, social interactions, and perceived reality.

Dr. Andreae’s engagement in neurodegenerative causes has led him to recognize the importance of education and brain research in controlling diseases and improving  quality of life.

His brilliant leadership and dedication to his studies have led to his teaching over forty-five different courses at the university and college levels. Although his concentration has been on psychology, Dr. Andreae’s approach has been to raise awareness of issues and build bridges among people. This applies to a variety of disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and other traumatic brain traumas. Dr. Andreae’s current research interests include stress, brain health, and resilience. Dr. Andreae is a major advocate for Life Long Learning, realizing that as things change in our fast-paced world, continuous learning is not a luxury but a necessity.

Dr. Andreae has won several honors and distinctions for his excellent leadership and devotion to Psychology and Higher Education during his amazing career. He has received international acclaim and continues to be involved in his community. The International Association of Top Professionals named him Brain Health Advocate of the Decade for 2023. Dr. Andreae was also named Philanthropist of the Decade for 2022 by the IAOTP. He has previously been named Top Professor of the Year in Higher Education, Professor of the Decade, and recipient of the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award. He was honored as Man of the Year and Male Visionary of the Year. Dr. Andreae was named Humanitarian of the Year in 2020 and received the International Hero Award for Higher Education. He was interviewed on TIP International Radio and appeared on two billboards in New York City: the iconic Reuters Building and the Planet Hollywood Billboard in Las Vegas. TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine featured Dr. Andreae on the front cover, and TIP Magazine issued a special edition devoted only to Dr. Andreae.

Dr. Andreae was named Top 100 Registry’s 2020 Intellectual of the Year and was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal by Marquis Who’s Who. In 2019, he was honored by the Weizmann Institute of Science, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific and educational institutions, with the Outstanding Leadership and Volunteer of the Year Award. Dr. Andreae also earned the National Eating Disorder Center at Toronto General Hospital’s Lifetime Leadership Award for his assistance and leadership. Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, gave him its first Impact Award for community leadership and vision. In 2017, he was featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of Marquis Who’s Who in the World magazine. He was named the Oxford Who’s Who Tier of Excellence Award, Lifetime Accomplishment Recipient, and Covington Who’s Who Professional of the Year in 2015, and he graced the front cover of Elite Magazine in 2016. He was elected Faculty and Staff Mentor of the Year in 2011 as well as Faculty of Psychology of the Year. Recipient of the University of Waterloo’s Distinguished Teaching Award and two-time Faculty of the Year at the University of Guelph Humber. Dr. Andreae was awarded the coveted Ontario Medal of Good Citizenship in 2010 by the Lieutenant Governor in recognition of his efforts as a transformative leader in the social work profession. He earned the Lyall Hallman Social Work Award in 2008. For his services to health care, he earned an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Assumption University in 2007, and an Honorary Degree from the Humber Institute of Advanced Technology in 2019. In 2006, Princess Yasmin Khan, President of the International Alzheimer Society, honored him Canadian Social Worker of the Year and presented him with the Alzheimer Champion of Change Award. The Ontario Association of Social Workers presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He also earned the Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s Outstanding Service Award for Leadership, the Premier’s Inaugural June Callwood Outstanding Volunteer Award, the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the Canada 125 Medal. He was selected Laurier’s Alumnus of the Year in 2001, as well as one of the University’s Top 100 Alumni during its centennial year, and Ontario Social Worker of the Year in 1999, and also The Brain Injury Association of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award where he enjoys serving as Patron.

Dr. Andreae’s community participation includes serving as the inaugural Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and as Chair of the Society’s Patrons Council. He co-founded The National Eating Disorder Information Center (NEDIC) at the Toronto Hospital where he continues to provide mentorship and leadership. He is also the  longest-serving President of the Ontario Social Work Profession, a past Vice President of the Psychology Foundation of Canada, and the current Health Advisor and Special Advisor to Weizmann Canada. Dr. Andreae is a member of the Michener Institute’s Board of Governors, which is part of the University Health Network. He is also a member of the Alzheimer Society of Metropolitan Toronto and the Ontario Association of Social Workers. He has formed pan-provincial alliances and spearheaded a 10-year drive to make social work a regulated profession in Ontario. This successful effort resulted in laws that protected and benefitted Ontarians, as well as the establishment of a College of Social Work to govern the profession. Dr. Andreae has also advocated for public “town to gown” talks at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He is also supporting a groundbreaking lecture series. These are completely free and available to the public. The Dr. Dan Andreae Presidential talk for Living in Healthy Communities invites engaging specialists to deliver a talk and answer audience questions. Dr. James Orbinski, who won the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Doctors Without Borders, was among the speakers throughout the years. Others who presented were Dr. Norman Doidge, author of popular books on the brain and brain plasticity, Olympic skiers and skaters, and Stephen Page, a vocalist for the band Bare Naked Ladies who focuses on mental health concerns.

Dr. Andreae hopes to continue motivating kids to study and to perform more public education in the community in the future. Dr. Andreae owes his success to his quest of knowledge, use of his experiences, love for his study, and desire to serve others. Dr. Andreae likes researching health concerns, current events, travel, baseball, visiting stadiums when visiting a new city, hockey, and collecting signatures of prominent persons in science, music, history, television, and sports when he is not working. Dr. Andreae plans to advance professionally and make a difference in people’s lives in whatever manner he can in the future. Dr. Andreae is a valuable mentor to a number of organizations. He has gotten excellent mentorship and singled out Dr. Eva Philipp of Toronto as a  professional, compassionate, and brilliant psychologist in Toronto. He claims that no one is an island, and that we all need help and education from others.

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