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How Calm encourages mindfulness among its employees

Calm’s CPO shares how the company promotes mindfulness through daily meditations and company-wide mental health days.

Do you ever feel stressed at work? Of course you do. You’re only human.

In fact, almost all US employees (80%) feel at least some amount of stress on the job, and about one-half of those workers want to learn how to manage their stress, according to The American Institute of Stress.

This is where people leaders can play a key role in helping workers, said Scott Domann, chief people officer at meditation app Calm, and be “rewarded with high productivity and employee satisfaction,” he said. By creating a culture that values mindfulness, he told HR Brew he’s been able to help his roughly 300 employees strike a “strong work-rest balance” through daily meditations and company-wide mental health days.

Meditations and breaks. Two years ago, Calm started conducting twice-yearly engagement surveys, the results of which have helped shape the company’s mindfulness programs.


ByMikaela Cohen

Photo by Vlada Karpovich