Stress Level Of Americans Is Rising Rapidly In 2022, New Study Finds

Stress Level Of Americans Is Rising Rapidly In 2022, New Study Finds

The 2022 results of ‘Stress in America’ poll by American Psychological Association are worrying more than ever! According to the poll, the stress and mental health statistics of US are worsening, mostly due to a bundle reasons of COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Stress levels in America are measured by different professional bodies such as the American Institute of Stress and APA. This year around, 87% of the respondents have cited the rising cost of day to day necessities like groceries, gas, and electricity to be a major source of stress for them.

Over 80% of the poll participants said that the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a toll on their psychological well-being. They said that the Russia-Ukraine crisis is “terrifying to watch.”

Stress In America Survey Results

Breaking it down, the Stress in America Survey 2022 offers the following insights:

  • 81% of Americans who participated in the poll were stressed out due to Supply Chain issues;
  • 87% Americans are stressed due to the rising inflation in the country, up from 59% in August 2021 and 58% in June 2021.
  • 80% Americans are tensed and stressed about possible Russian cyberattacks or nuclear threats to the US;
  • 69% Americans fear that a World War III could break out and we are in the genesis phase of it;
  • and 65% of Americans responded that they were stressed about money and the economy.

The 65% figure of stressed Americans due to money is the highest figure recorded in more than six years. In February and June 2021, the stress reported by Americans related to money matters was at 57% and 61% respectively.

Rising Stress Levels In America

Being stressed out can have a negative impact on the overall well-being of an individual and the stress statistics of US 2022 are not pleasing to the eye. The rising level of stress among adults is an alarming sign!

Caption: Hand pushing needle to pop the stress balloon. Business concept

The Stress in America survey poll had a sample size of 3,012 American adults. The poll was conducted in February, at a time when the adult US population was highly concerned with growing inflation and fear of recession due to negative global cues.

After the initial poll in February, the American Psychological Association (APA) undertook a second poll between March 1 – March 3 which included 2,051 American adults. The second round of polls was specific to Russia-Ukraine crisis and how it is impacting American stress levels.

Almost 25% American adults who participated in the APA Stress in America Survey admitted to drinking more doses of alcohol. This was in a bid to try to cope up with the increasing stress they had to endure. The physical consequences of rising stress levels in America were also reported in the report by the association.

About 58 percent of the respondents experienced undesired weight fluctuations due to stress.

Stress In America Statistics

According to APA survey, the stress level of Americans is originating from a wide variety of factors. From the March 2022 survey of American adults, the major sources of stress identified were as follows:

Source: American Psychological Association

Apart from global supply chain crisis, rise in the price of essential items, geopolitical tensions, and global uncertainty, another factor into play that is stressing out Americans is ‘Coronavirus’. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal life back in 2020 and the effects of it are still prevalent today.

Over 70% of the respondents admitted to have gotten better at prioritizing important tasks due to the pandemic. 60-65% Americans admit that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed their lives. 66% respondents were stressed about the fact that the pandemic might never end if new variants keep being found.

Source: American Psychological Association

Economic And Money-Related Stress

The Stress in America survey also found that number of Americans stressed due to money-related matters is at record levels. Compared to 2015, the figure is the highest ever in March 2022.

The following graph explains that economy-related and money-related dilemmas of Americans are exacerbating and getting worse.

Source: American Psychological Association

With inflation eating away the purchasing power of money, it is undoubtedly crucial for American families to think about inflation-adjusted income. If not, the stress just piles up as seen in the March 2022 survey.

Stress Amongst American Parents

The stress levels in America, among parents and caregivers in particular, has also risen to record levels. The survey found that 70% of the parents were under extreme stress for their children’s academic, social, and emotional development. The uncertain future was also a source of stress for the parents.

“We don’t usually see 80 percent of people telling us that a particular stressor is stressful for that many individuals.”

The Chief for practice transformation of APA, Lynn Bufka

“This is a particularly difficult time for parents right now. The parents are “maxed out, overwhelmed and dealing with their own stuff.”

The Chief for practice transformation of APA, Lynn Bufka

Lynn Bufka added that the job of American parentsi is to get their young ones the necessary social skills they need to move forward but “we are in uncharted territory about how to do that.”

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