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The differences between stress and anxiety and how to manage them


The symptoms can be similar, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and digestive troubles, but there are differences when it comes to stress and anxiety.

“Anxiety is a mental health disorder. Stress is not,” said Dr. Daniel Kirsch, the President of the American Institute of Stress.

“Stress is physiology. It’s a normal reaction to any demand placed, and we say that we’re stressed when we feel that the demands placed on us overwhelm our ability to complete tasks,” he said.

Dr. Kirsch said controlling what stresses you can go a long way in preventing anxiety.

“If they learned how to control their stress, the mood disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleeping problems, all of that can be easily controlled. You can really achieve optimal health.”

Dr. Kirsch said the best thing you can do to ward off both stress and anxiety is to learn how to relax.

“I like to say to charge your phone you have to plug it in. To charge your brain you have to unplug it. You need to take some time off.