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Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ)


Are you ready to lead a less stressed, more enjoyable life? Take the SMQ today. It is a quick online self-assessment and you will receive your personalized Stress Mastery Report (19pp) along with Dr. James Petersen’s Stress Mastery Guide. Watch the video below to learn more about how the SMQ can help you understand how stress is affecting you and how to master your stress.



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If you’re stressed and don’t know where to start on your journey to living life of less stress, take the Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) today. The SMQ is easy to take, confidential and is completed online in just a few minutes. Over 600,000 people worldwide have benefited from taking the SMQ by learning how stress is affecting them physically, emotionally and behaviorally and what they can do to reduce and master stress.

The SMQ is one of the few scientifically validated stress assessments currently available; it provides you with important feedback on 11 stress risk scales that are shown on your personalized 19-page Stress Mastery Report. In addition, you will be provided with a link to download Dr. James Petersen’s Stress Mastery Guide to help you make the changes you need to make to lower, manage and master stress.

The SMQ provides awareness of your stress in 3 key areas;

  • Stress Warning Signs – Hostility/Anger, Time Urgency, Perfectionism, Disappointment, Burnout, Under-Achievement, & Tension
  • 2 Stress Effects Areas – Physical Stress Effects & Life/Work Satisfaction
  • 2 Stressors Areas – Life Events & Hassles

After completing the SMQ, you will receive the link to download the Stress Mastery Guide which explains each of the 11 SMQ scales and provides you with information on What to Know and What to Do when you score high on any of the scales. As a result, you will have an increased awareness of what to focus on for positive change and, through the Guide, how to employ evidence-based ways to reduce and master stress. If you only do one thing to improve the quality of your life this year, make take the SMQ today. You won’t be disappointed.

Normally sold at $75, AIS has teamed up with Stressmaster International to offer the SMQ, Stress Mastery Report and Stress Mastery Guide for only $19.95.

Take the Stress Mastery Questionnaire Today!

“Don’t Just Manage Stress. Learn to Master IT!” tm




Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) Testimonials

The SMQ helped me know myself a lot better. I’m a better manager because of that.” These remarks make me feel good about the effectiveness of the instrument as we apply it in the Stress Management [Mastery] Program”

Program Participant – State of Arizona

Having scoured the internet for over 10 years, we have found your stress “risk” assessment tool, called the Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ), to be the best tool for the programs we do with our corporate clients. Thank you for working with us and our clients, as Stressmaster and your Stress Mastery Questionnaire will remain as an integral part of our program going forward.

Susan R. -Senior Leadership Coach

Thank you for the opportunity to take SMQ. It was accurate and very easy to follow. This is a wonderful assessment tool. I’m interested in exploring how to use this assessment in my practice.

Lisa B. Health Coach

Thanks, so much for getting back to me with follow-up and info. I’ve gone over all your printed materials and…I love the SMQ and immediately [can] see how it could be a very useful tool in my coaching/consulting practice.

The instrument has an international proven track-record, and provides information that not only measures stress, but links it to possible sources, and hence helps people to understand the various causalities of their stress. Makes it possible to break it down into bite-size chunks.

CP – South Africa

I’ve been using the SMQ for over the last 14 months and have given it to about 750 people. It has been extremely useful in our stress management program, and I’ve received much positive feedback from the participants.

Paul D. – Training Psychologist for the State of Arizona

I just got finished looking over the materials to the SMQ and I have to say that I am quite impressed. There is a place for this on a global level for sure. At the very least [this is) for people in the health care world as a staple instrument.

Lawrence R, psychologist)

I would just like to recommend the Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) as a key organizational tool to help employers to effectively identify and help manage stress within the workplace.”

Carlos N – CitiBanamex