Transforming stress through awareness, education and collaboration.


Stress to Joy Online Course


An American Institute of Stress certified course in stress management

Decrease stress and boost your happiness, in just 15 – 20 minutes a day for 21 days with this comprehensive 21 module online educational program.


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The American Institute of Stress has extensively evaluated several outstanding courses and found this to be one of the best comprehensive online educational programs at a great value for understanding and managing your stress. The Stress to Joy program was developed and is taught by bestselling author, Professor Rozina Lakhani, MD, MPH, FAIS, a board certified psychiatrist with a masters degree in public health, who has extensive experience in teaching stress management.

This is a multimodality course using videos, audios and workbooks that takes you step-by-step on a journey of transformation, using real world case studies and stories.

What is in the Course?

  • Learn the basic steps and learn how to manage what is ailing you on the inside
  • Learn how to minimize stress symptoms like tension, overwhelm, worry, irritability, insomnia, and emotional eating
  • Learn how to maximize your joy by building 7 key happiness habits.

As a psychiatrist and mom who works with busy patients, Dr Rozina developed strategies for her patients and herself that are powerful and most of all practical for busy people.

With almost two decades of research and experience, she has combined the most effective, simple, and quick ways to reprogram your responses to stress that don’t require you to completely change your lifestyle.

And this course doesn’t just stop at showing you how to boost your resilience to manage challenges without feeling stressed. Stress to Joy shows you how to develop habits that will enhance your happiness and bring you joy.

By taking this course you will:

  •  Learn simple techniques to calm your mind using Active Meditation.
  •  Discover how to let go of worrying using Cross Road Technique.
  •  Recognize problems and improve your relationships using the Importance Rule.
  •  Explore ways to decrease frustration with Circle of Influence.
  •  Find out how to get a good night sleep using the Floating Bubble Technique.
  •  Identify ways to avoid emotional eating by using the Self Dialogue Journal.
  •  Realize the 7 keys to happiness with the COMPASS Direction.