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WEBINAR: Electromedical Devices for Stress Management


Led by Josh Briley, PhD, BCMAS, FAIS a renowned expert in the field of electromedicine, this webinar will provide participants with valuable insights into the principles behind these devices and how they can be utilized to alleviate stress. Through a combination of presentations, and discussions, we will dive into various types of electromedical devices specifically designed to address stress-related issues.


Presented by Josh Briley, PhD, BCMAS, FAIS

Join us for an informative and engaging webinar on “Electromedical Devices for Stress Management” where we delve into the innovative solutions available to effectively manage stress using advanced electromedical technologies.

Stress has become an increasingly common aspect of our daily lives, affecting our mental and physical well-being. However, with advancements in medical science and technology, new tools have emerged to combat stress and promote relaxation. This webinar aims to explore the cutting-edge field of electromedical devices and their potential in stress management.