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Stress in Children

We are living in stressful times. Because our children have access to the internet, they may be exposed to world events they do not have the education or life experience to understand. These events can affect them more than they affect adults.

Children may also react to stress caused by their home environment, social pressures at school and online, bullying, and exams. Even positive changes like moving to a bigger house or making new friends can be stressful.

Parents can help watch for signs of excess stress and teach their children how to cope with stress. Children can learn stress management techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga.

Stressed Child doing homework

Stand Up To Stress!

FREE coloring and activity book for kids ages 8 to 12

Did you know connecting with friends and family is a great way to cope with stress? This free book from the National Institute of Mental Health teaches children about stress and anxiety and offers healthy tips for coping.

Child Developmental Losses


of parents expressed concern for their child(ren)’s social life or development


of parents expressed concern for their child(ren)’s academic development


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of parents agree that disruption to their child’s schedule due to the pandemic was stressful to them