The Benefits of Stress Management

Learning to manage stress is the cornerstone of a happier and more productive life. Stress, whether real or imagined, is a natural response to life’s challenges. Our Institute offers evidence-based resources featuring online assessments, educational courses, podcasts, and magazines to people like you to manage their stress effectively.

The Discovery of Stress and Formation of The American Institute of Stress
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of Americans Are Stressed During the Day

What Do We Know About Stress?

Stress follows us everywhere. Because it’s ubiquitous, mental health professionals work hard to further our understanding of it — so we can better manage it.

Many people consider stress to be something that causes distress; however, sometimes stress can also increase our productivity.

To Help Manage Your Stress and Identify Triggers

Get started with an AIS scientifically validated, certified stress assessment. For $20, you’ll learn about your personal stressors and how to control them so they don’t control you.

Stress Mastery Questionnaire

This quick, online assessment produces your stress risk scores in a personalized report and comes with a corresponding Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook.

The Rosch Stress Profiler

In as little in 15 minutes, this profiler shows how well you are coping in 10 key areas of your life, and it includes customized advice on how to best manage your stress.

Military Stress

Service Members may develop certain characteristics to survive during stressful situations. Learn more about combat operational stress (COS) and post–traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by clicking the button below. You’ll find resources and suggested techniques for reducing the negative repercussions of military service under stressful conditions, including war.

Certified Products Provided by
The American Institute of Stress

Decrease stress and boost your happiness in just 20 minutes a day with this comprehensive, 21-day stress-management program.

This “risk” assessment tool is the perfect complement to any stressmanagement or wellness program. It was designed using standard psychometric test development methodology.

Alpha-Stim® treatments can be done at home in as few as 20 minutes. A handheld medical device relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia through a mild, subsensory patented microcurrent via small earclips.

In just 15 minutes, the Rosch Stress Profiler shows you how well you are coping in 10 key areas of your life,including anger, worry, fear, financial stress, and time pressure.

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Our brains evolve, but not as fast as our world is changing.

Mismatched: Your Brain Under Stress This 6-part documentary features some of the world’s leading experts on stress. Their collective experience stretches from the first experiments done on the mindbody connection to the latest research in unravelling the unconscious mind.

Watch Mismatched today for just $20, or join the American Institute of Stress for $95 and watch Mismatched FREE.

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Obtaining credentials from The American Institute of Stress (AIS) sets members apart as stress experts. The designation reflects a commitment to advancing innovative and scientifically based stress management protocols.

The AIS Seal and credentials inform the public that the certificate holder commands advanced knowledge of the latest stress research and stress management techniques. For physicians and healthcare practitioners, it designates your practice as an advanced treatment center for stressrelated illnesses.

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Magazines for All Types of Stress

The American Institute of Stress produces a variety of free publications to meet the various interests of our members and visitors. Subscribe now and watch your inbox!

Contentment Summer 2024 magazine COVER

Find Contentment by learning how to manage stress. Find a healthy perspective to help you navigate difficult times, and watch your happiness grow

Combat Stress is written for Service Members, Veterans, first responders, and their families. Serving in these capacities brings unique challenges and potentially harmful mental and physical effects, especially during wartime.

Workplace Stress

Studies show job stress is a major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated over the past few decades. This type of stress, often associated with a lack of control and lots of demands, has been linked to increased rates of heart attack, hypertension, and other disorders.

Supporting Our Vital Mission

The American Institute of Stress is the only organization in the world solely created and dedicated to study the science of stress and the advancement of innovative and scientifically based stress management techniques. AIS provides the latest evidence-based knowledge, research, and management techniques for stress and stress-related disorders.

You can make a difference in a world increasingly impacted by the effects of stress. Your generous support aids critical outreach that leverages the latest research, tools, and best practices for managing stress.

The more we learn about stress, the more vital our mission becomes.