What is Stress?

People have very different ideas with respect to their definition of stress. Probably the most common is, “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.” Another popular definition of stress is, “a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.”

If Life Were Easy They Would Have Asked For Volunteers

Stress is ubiquitous and follows us everywhere. Since there is simply no avoiding it, the task for mental health professionals has become to further our understanding to improve management in our patients and in ourselves.


To Begin to Manage Your Stress You Must First Identify Your Personal Triggers

Start by taking one of our scientifically validated, AIS certified stress assessments. Better yet, take both. Most psychological testing uses “multiple measures.” Get a deeper understanding of your stress for just under $40.

Rosch Profiler

In just 15 minutes, this will show you how well you are coping in ten key areas of your life.

The evaluation will also provide a customized report with advice on how you could best manage your stress, plus two valuable free gifts: The Stress Management Journal and the audio A Day Away from Stress.

Take the RSP

The most important phase of stress management is identifying your personal triggers. Start by taking an AIS certified stress assessment.

This quick online self-assessment provides personalized feedback on your stress risk scores, followed by a detailed nine-page stress report and a corresponding 66-page Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook.

Take the SMQ

Presented by Beth Romanski is a seasoned higher education professional, currently serving in the role of Director of Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) and adjunct faculty member at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, a leading academic institution solely dedicated to integrative health programs.

A professional health educator, Beth also holds a certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is the founder of MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching, Co-Host of the Wellness Warriors Radio podcast.
Beth understands first-hand the stress of work/life expectations and believes there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health. She takes an educational and empowering approach to facilitate positive habits that support holistic wellbeing and sustainable results, with the mindset that “being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.”
To learn more about MUIH Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) offerings to support wellbeing, including Creating Wellbeing at Work Program, visit www.muih.edu/ce. To learn more about MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching programs and resources for living a healthy, balanced life visit www.myhealthytransitions.com.

Join us for a Free Live Webinar

Battling Burnout, Building Resilience & Cultivating Wellbeing

February 2nd at 3:00 PM EST

A global pandemic, prolonged remote work and learning, a struggling economy, a tense sociopolitical environment, and increasing mental health challenges as a result of this unprecedented situation and associated uncertainty in the past few years have created an environment that is rife for stress and burnout, ultimately leading to lack of productivity, feeling of languishing and negative health effects. This interactive session will explore the impact of stress and burnout from a practical lens, with an emphasis on effective steps we can take as individuals and organizations to move forward in a positive trajectory, not just as a response to the pandemic, but to transform towards a culture of wellness. Participants will discover simple strategies to employ in everyday life to more easily manage stress while building resiliency, emphasizing a holistic perspective to cultivating individual and collective well-being.
Outline of the presentation:
  • Recognize signs of burnout and the health and workplace-related implications of chronic stress
  • Discover simple strategies to effectively manage stress and to optimize productivity
  • Identify opportunities to build skills and healthy behaviors for enhanced wellbeing
  • Model best practices of leadership to cultivate a culture of wellness, prioritizing self-care
  • Develop a personalized wellness plan to apply approaches into daily life
  • Explore Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) educational opportunities certified by the American Institute of Stress (AIS) and AIS Member discounts to further expand your learning on integrative health topics
Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

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Join the American Institute of Stress

Obtaining credentials from The American Institute of Stress is a designation that sets members apart as stress experts and reflects their commitment to the advancement of innovative and scientifically based stress management protocols.

The AIS Seal and credentials inform the public that the certificate holder commands advanced knowledge of the latest stress research and stress management techniques.

For physicians and other healthcare practitioners it designates your practice as an advanced treatment center for stress related illnesses.


Mismatched: Your Brain Under Stress

This 6-part documentary features some of the world’s leading experts on stress. Their collective experience stretches from the first experiments done on the mind/body connection to the latest research into unravelling the unconscious mind. As entertaining as it is informative, Mismatched teaches us about what stress is and how to master it.


Combat Stress Magazine

Free magazine for Service Members, Veterans, and First Responders. Edited by Col (Ret) Kathy T. Platoni, PsyD.

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Contentment Magazine

Free magazine for everyone. Subscribe to learn about stress and how to manage it in this evidence-based publication.

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Finding Contentment Podcast

Finding Contentment focuses on stress and stress-related issues and features interviews with healthcare practitioners and stress experts.

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Online Courses

Learn How to Control Your Reactivity to Stress with our Favorite Certified Online Courses.

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Learn to channel your stress for energy

Decrease stress and boost your happiness in just 15 – 20 minutes a day for 21 days with a comprehensive 21 module, online educational program in the practice of stress management.

Free Evidence-based Workforce Resilience and Well-being Course

In this course you will learn behaviors, coping strategies and mindsets that lead to increased resilience against the negative impacts of stress.

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Take control of your mind with a course in meditation and more

The Nuuaria program includes 6 modules, 28 lessons, 60+ page downloadable workbook, and 6 one-to-one telephonic sessions with a Nuuaria mentor over three months.

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The Brain Electric

Watch this free documentary as it takes us across America and the United Kingdom to investigate how Alpha-Stim brain tech is being used by leading researchers and clinicians to normalize your brain without drugs.