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About William Heckman

William C. Heckman, M.S, NBCT, DAISWill Heckman is a nationally board-certified educator, with three decades of experience teaching Pre-K to 12th grade. As a teacher, Mr. Heckman has been trained and is an expert in Bibliotherapy to help children and young men and women overcome stress-related problems. He has also been an innovator and consultant in the use of online gaming for assistance with standardized testing and reading programs for many years.Will has published articles on the use of graphic novels and been featured on CBS News, in several newspapers, and on a national radio talk show. He has also been a presenter at technology conferences, a book reviewer for a national publication, and an award-winning photographer.A former New York City police officer Mr. Heckman is a member of MENSA, and former President and founder of a national motorcycle organization.

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