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AIS Class – Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

As a healthcare practitioner interested in learning more about cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), we are proud to offer you the opportunity to continue your training and education via our online learning center. This training module is designed to prepare practitioners to successfully treat patients suffering with anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain using CES. The knowledge you gain will help you seamlessly incorporate this therapy into your practice. Feedback on your personalized learning experience is important, so please let us know your thoughts in the online evaluation you will receive after you have completed your course.

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Attitude – A Deeper Approach to “Being the Best You Can Be”

Human potential is ultimately about the pursuit of individual excellence for the benefit of all. Traditionally, many people have used the term “spiritual development”. When this is properly examined or understood, it boils down to being the best you can be – for the common good. It involves developing unrealised capabilities or capacity, and going beyond self-imposed limitations. Greater meaning or purpose is gained through increased concern for the wider world beyond “me, me, me”. Expressed simply, it is about becoming more fully alive or more fully human. We recognize the normalized “me, me, me” mentality as the world’s biggest problem. Learn more about The Human Potential Trust >>

Attitude – The Key to Success
The 16 Key Factors
Avoidance Doesn’t Work

Guided Meditation

Power of the Mind in Health and Healing
Contributed by: Keith R. Holden, MD
A science-based course about using the power of your mind to heal your body and maximize your intuition.
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Work Life Balancing: From Distress to Eustress
Contributed by: Henry J. Does, MD, FAIS
This presentation covers maintaining a work/life balance and focuses on how to move from distress to eustress.
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An Interdisciplinary Approach: Reducing Pain & the Effects of Stress and Trauma Using Biofeedback, Neurofeedback & Alpha-Stim for the Patients of Primary Care Physicians
Contributed by: Melanie Berry, MS, BCB, BCBC, FAIS
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Stress Mechanism
Contributed by: Lewis Colman, MD, DABA, FAIS
Explanation of the operation of the stress repair mechanism and the new theory of anesthesia, analgesia & allostasis conferred by the mechanism.
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