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Presentations and Speakers at the Third International Congress On Stress includes:

•Technostress: The Psychological Effects of Computerization – Phil Nicholson

•Job Stress, Hypertension and Heart Attacks – Robert Karasek

•Stress, Sports and Golf: How to Utilize Immediate Biofeedback – Shoji Kakigi

•Computerizing Stress Reduction Therapy: Results with Therapeutic Learning in Over 4000 Patients – Roger Gould

•Interrupting Neural Pathways that Transduce Stressful Information into Physiological Responses – James Skinner

•Social Support and Stress Reduction Benefits of Human-Animal Relationships – Honori Katcher

•Assessing Social Support as a Factor in Modifying Vulnerability to Stress-Related Disorders with Further Comments on the Significance of Culture – Ed Appels

•Neuroendocrine Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Pregnancy – Ross Adey

•Neuroelectric Therapy for the Treatment of Drug, Alcohol and Nicotine Addiction – Meg Patterson

•Stress and Cancer: Cause or Cure? – Paul J. Rosch

•Hans Selye Lecture: The Biological Basis of the Stress Response – Jim Henry