A Personal Appraisal of Hans Selye and the Origin and Evolution of the American Institute of Stress

AIS President Dr. Daniel Kirsch asked Dr. Paul Rosch to contribute a monograph elaborating on how he became involved in establishing AIS, and to discuss some career highlights over the past 65 years. He also wanted to commemorate 28 years of Health and Stress Newsletters, which began as a monthly publication in 1988.

This 68 page eBook has been described as a “future classic” by AIS Fellow Dr. Ron Rubenzer. “If I were still teaching college, it would be required reading!” said Rubenzer.

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Guidance on Work-Related Stress
Posted with permission of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs
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Cover Stewart Wolf's book

An Autobiographical Account of Life In the Golden Age of Medicine
by Stewart G. Wolf
Edited by Paul J. Rosch, MD, FACP
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science of ces

The Science Behind Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation
by Daniel L Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS
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The Byway: a lonely path
by Margaret M. Waddington MD
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