Music Therapy

Dr. Mark Rider is a psychologist and music therapist in Southlake, TX. He utilizes many mind body approaches, including meditation through guided imagery and music. Dr. Rider also employs “electromedicine” by using EEG in both assessment and treatment, and cranial electrotherapy stimulation when medications are ineffective. Dr. Rider has authored The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease and pioneered the “entertainment music and imagery” technique to enhance imagery for healing chronic illness. His work has appeared on CBS 48 Hours and the Veria channel’s Genesis of Healing series.

1. This basic meditation exercise combines progressive muscle relaxation, focused breathing, and guided imagery to music to decrease anxiety and manage stress. Those of us in the field of mind body research have demonstrated that this technique lowers stress hormones, increases health, synchronizes biorhythms, and increases serotonin and dopamine.

Special music was derived from the EEG of a healthy person’s brain. Each chime represents a new event in the brain, creating a relaxing effect reminiscent of wind chimes.

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2. This imagery and music exercise has been shown to boost the immune system, decrease pain, and help in the management of chronic illness. Special music called entertainment music is improvised to meet the patient where they are and then shift their imagery and mood into health.

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