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Self-care is not a luxury!

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by AIS Fellow Cynthia Ackrill, MD It is a critical part of finding the energy and brainpower you need to navigate life.  It is non-negotiable for brilliance and resilience. And it is the ultimate burnout [...]

Building Resilience in Kids

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by Dr. Robert Brooks, FAIS Parents (and other caregivers) possessing the mindset to foster resilience in children, know about and appreciate the components of resilience so that their interactions with their children are guided by [...]

Military and Veteran Retreats: Part 2

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Combat Stress: August 2017  In this issue:  Military/Veteran and Family Retreats: An Overview of Veteran Immersive Community Reintegration Experiences Women Warriors: WVSJ Network Retreats GratitudeAmerica: Healing Connections and Rebuilding Communities One Retreat at a Time [...]