How to Reduce Stress in 2019 – San Diego KUSI Interview with Heidi Hanna

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – We’re making our news years resolutions, and according to Alexa, one of the top things people want to do in 2019 is smile more. Executive director of the American Institute of [...]

Creating a Stress-Less 2019

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Contentment Magazine Winter 2018/2019 Inside this Issue:  New Year’s Goals are Two-Faced Five Pitfalls of “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” and How to Outsmart Them Improve Your Work-Life Balance: A Possible New Year’s Resolution Self-calming for [...]

Heidi Hanna on Good Morning San Diego to Discuss Humor and Stress

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Original article written by Jonathan Halvorson for KUSI News Dealing with stress isn’t quite funny but there are few techniques to help relieve it through humor. Executive Director of the American Institute of Stress [...]

Winter 2018 Combat Stress: Healthy Humor

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Inside this issue:  Army Wife – Air Force Mother & Hospital Clown “Sharing Laughter While Seeing the World” More Grace, More Joy Are you Taking Mindfulness Too Seriously? Mind Maneuvers for managing Stress Transformational Growth: [...]

Film featuring US Veterans Striving to Combat Military Trauma Debuts on Veterans Day

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"WE ARE NOT DONE YET," following U.S. Veterans striving to combat military trauma, debuts Nov. 8 in conjunction with Veterans Day, exclusively on HBO Actor Jeffrey Wright Produces And Appears In Documentary Since 2001, 2.77 [...]