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Execs say they’ve expanded mental health benefits—but there’s still more to do

2024-03-07T12:44:24-06:00August 28th, 2023|Daily Life, Mental Health, Workplace Stress|

Despite more companies offering mental health resources to employees, workers’ mental health remains rocky. Here [...]

Chronic stress suffered by women survivors of gender violence alters their stress response system

2024-03-07T12:45:07-06:00August 23rd, 2023|Daily Life, Stress In Your Body, Trauma|

Gender-based violence affects between 20% and 30% of women in Europe and North America, and [...]

Positive parenting can counteract the negative impact of childhood stress on brain development, study suggests

2024-03-07T12:48:29-06:00August 16th, 2023|Daily Life, Family Stress|

Childhood stress is linked to decreased hippocampal volume — a brain region important for memory [...]