Michel Woodbury-Farina M.D.

Fellow- Puerto Rico

Dr. Woodbury-Faria graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (1972 Anthropology), The University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine (1976),  Flexible Medicine-Surgery Internship at LAC/USC Medical Center (1977), General Psychiatry Residency at Sheppard-Pratt Hospital (1979), Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital (1981). Post-graduate activities include private practice in Puerto Rico (1982-present), research (1984-present) in psychiatric epidemiology, Phase III Pharmaceutical trials in adult and adolescent schizophrenia and adult depression and nutritional studies on adult schizophrenics (and healthy normals) and academic teaching (1976-present) now Associate Professor at the UPR School of Medicine. Diplomate in Adult, Child and Geriatric Psychiatry.