Connecting Chronic Stress with Chronic Pain

Contentment Magazine: Summer 2023
Volume 12, Number 2


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Editor’s Message
By Stephanie Maxine Ross, PhD, MHD, HT, CNC, FAIS

Myofascial Release for Stress Reduction
By John F. Barnes, PT

The fascial system connects to every aspect of our body without interruption and acts as a fiberoptic carrying enormous amounts of information in a very short period of time. Fascial restrictions are one of the primary causes for most of the pain, emotional upheaval, and stress in people’s lives

Rhodiola: The Clinical Applications of a Phytomedicine Adaptogen for Chronic Stress and Chronic Pain
By Stephanie Maxine Ross, PhD, MHD, HT, CNC, FAIS

Rhodiola rosea is a multipurpose medicinal plant with adaptogenic properties that has the ability to increase the body’s nonspecific resistance and normalizing functions to different stressors, including those of an emotional, mental, and physical origin.

Outside Job, A wide-angle view of stress, pain, and scope of practice
By Frank Forencich, DAIS

For native and indigenous people, the human body has always been intimately connected to the entire world: mind, body, spirit, land, tribe and ancestry are held to be essential elements of this holistic view. Native people assume a continuity and permeability between inside and outside, the internal and the external

Chronic Pain Does Not Occur in Isolation: Treat All Aspects with Alpha-Stim®
By Josh Briley, PhD, BCMAS, FAIS

There is an escalating cycle between chronic pain and chronic stress, if unaddressed, it often results in anxiety and insomnia that further impact the patient’s life. Alpha-Stim, an evidenced-based medical device has demonstrated its effectiveness to simultaneously relieve pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Editor In Chief

Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS
AIS President


Stephanie Maxine Ross, PhD, MHD, HT, CNC, FAIS

Contributing Editors Board

Richard Citrin, PhD, MBA
Alex Bekker, MD, ABHIM, FAIS
Teena Evert, MA
Rozina Lakhani, MD, MPH
Ron Rubenzer, EdD, MA, MPH, MSE, FAIS
James C. Petersen, PhD, FAIS
Jacinta M. Jiménez, PsyD, BCC, FAIS

Managing Editor

Kathy Schoop

Creative Director

Michael McMahon

Daily Life and Workplace Stress Board

The role of this board is to develop initiatives and communications to serve the stress management needs of all people.

Josh Briley, PhD, FAIS, Science and Education Director, EPI, Inc., Former Clinical Psychologist, VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic, Brownwood, Texas

Heidi Hanna, PhD, FAIS, Brain Fitness Researcher, Instructor, Harvard Extension

William C. Heckman, MS, NBCT, DAIS, Board Certified Educator, Executive Director, The American Institute of Stress

Andrew Pleener, MD, FAIS, Psychiatrist, Founder of the #SameHere STARR & Psych Alliances

Sharon Montes, MD, FAIS, Founder, Living Well Whole Health, Former Medical Director for the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine


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Contentment Magazine

The dictionary defines “content” as being in a state of peaceful happiness.  The AIS magazine is called Contentment because we want all of our guests and members to find contentment in their lives by learning about stress management and finding what works best for each them.  Stress is unavoidable, and comes in many shapes and sizes that makes being in a state of peaceful happiness seem like a very lofty goal.  But happiness is easy to find once you are able to find ways to manage your stress and keep a healthy perspective when going though difficult times in life.  You will always have stress, but stress does not always have you!

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