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By Lewis S. Coleman, MD, FAIS 

The Immune Mechanism 

Ohio State researchers Bruce Glick and Anthony Chang discovered that the “Bursa of Fabricius” activates immune cells in chickens shortly before I became an undergraduate there.1 The thymus gland performs this function in humans. Orthodox medical journals refused to publish their discovery, so they finally published their revolutionary paper in a poultry journal, where it was belatedly discovered by medical researchers many years later. 

The mammalian stress mechanism (MSM) energizes and regulates immune activity. I have previously published a description of the MSM in this magazine.2 From the perspective of stress theory, there are four elements of immune activity: 

  1. The mammalian stress mechanism (MSM) regulates thrombin generation in all body fluids and tissues to energize and activate the cell and enzyme activities that repair tissues and regulate organs, including immune activity.  
  2. Complement cascade blood enzymes generate thrombin to energize immune activity that kills invasive bacteria. 
  3. Humoral immunity, which consisting of immune proteins called “antibodies” that are produced by plasma cells in response to foreign substances called “antigens,” including invasive bacteria and viruses. The antibodies bind to antigens to facilitate the ability of immune cells to attack and destroy the antigens. 
  4. Cellular immunity, consisting of immune cells that attack, engulf, and destroy antigens to rid them from the body. 


Complement cascade thrombin generation causes harmful systemic inflammation during sepsis, but there is no evidence that immune cells or immune antibodies attack body tissues or cause tissue damage, disease, or organ transplant rejection. Nevertheless, in the absence of an understanding of the stress mechanism, doctors assume that immune mechanism hyperactivity, which is present in all forms of disease, causes harmful disease effects. Thus, doctors have invented the term “autoimmune disease” to imply the cause of chronic illnesses. They assume that the immune mechanism somehow explains inflammation, chemotaxis, edema, sclerosis, and other manifestations of chronic disease, but these effects are caused by the stress mechanism. They ignore the observation that immune activity is elevated in critical illnesses, but they do not attribute critical illness to immune activity. To make matters worse, doctors treat chronic illnesses with toxic substances that suppress immune activity, with predictably poor results. This careless reasoning becomes even more preposterous in the case of cancer, where some doctors presume that immune system hyperactivity causes cancer, while others presume that inadequate immune activity causes cancer. They can’t have it both ways. 

Stress Theory and the Immune Mechanism 

The mammalian stress mechanism (MSM) generates thrombin in all body fluids and tissues to continuously energize and regulate tissue repair and organ function. MSM hyperactivity generates harmfully excessive and defective quantities of its products, which are thrombin, soluble fibrin, and insoluble fibrin, in response to excessive and unremitting combinations of environmental stresses, including trauma, surgery, toxic substances, excessive radiation, and emotional adversity. This manifests as disease. Thrombin energizes and elevates immune activity, which normally functions to fight infection. Thus, immune activity is the result rather than the cause of disease, and “autoimmunity” is a false concept. 

COVID and the Immune Mechanism 

I am unaware of any evidence that the immune mechanism can react to either DNA or RNA. If it could, it would invite a lethal “autoimmune” reaction, because DNA and RNA are both ubiquitous in cells throughout the body. Besides, as mentioned before, there is no evidence that the immune mechanism causes tissue damage or harm of any sort. Pharmaceutical company experts and their government allies have suspiciously ignored this issue when they proclaim that mRNA injections induce immunity to the “novel” coronavirus that causes COVID. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the COVID injections confer useful immunity to COVID or anything else. All they do is induce a transient elevation in nonspecific immune activity that is most simply explained by MSM activity activated by the injection toxicity. Nevertheless, drug companies have seized upon this useless immune activity to advocate multiple COVID immunizations, even though each successive COVID injection increases the risk of dangerous “side effects” including sudden death.3 

The “novel” coronavirus is normally confined to the lungs, where it causes viral pneumonia that is seldom lethal except in older patients with pre-existing disease. The COVID mRNA “vaccinations” are far more dangerous because they bypass the lung and inject the mRNA from the “novel” coronaviruses as well as toxic preservatives such as mercury into peripheral tissues, where they enter systemic circulation. The viral mRNA hijacks the cells of the vascular endothelium to produce viral particles that spread throughout the body, causing widespread damage to organs and tissues including myocarditis and loss of smell, taste, and hair. The damaged vascular endothelium releases von Willebrand Factor (VWF) into systemic circulation and allows increased “leakage” of tissue factor (TF) into systemic circulation. The combined elevations VWF and TF progressively increases blood coagulability and induces systemic inflammation via MSM “positive feedback.” Victims whose microcirculation is compromised by age and disease often suffer impaired tissue perfusion and oxygenation that causes the fatigue, malaise, mental fog, muscle weakness, and stubborn infections that characterize the “Long COVID syndrome.” Young, healthy patients with healthy microcirculation seldom exhibit any symptoms until blood coagulability rises above a critical threshold, whereupon spontaneous “Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation” (DIC) begins in small peripheral arteries, which causes sudden death by disrupting oxygen transport and delivery.4 Thus, COVID and its injections cause all their confusing symptoms and manifestations by inducing abnormal MSM hyperactivity. The immune mechanism neither causes these problems nor can cope with them. It cannot counteract the dangerous proliferation of the viral mRNA materials that are introduced directly into systemic circulation, which never occurs in nature.

COVID misinformation and disinformation has thoroughly confused the public about the nature of these COVID “immunizations.” Pharmaceutical propaganda claims that the immunizations introduce a “spike protein” that allegedly induces an effective immune response. The “spike protein” is only a part of the viral “capsid” (the protein shell that encloses harmful viral RNA). It is incapable of enclosing and transmitting harmful viral RNA by itself, and there is no evidence that it induces an immune reaction. However, the COVID injections contain viral mRNA that the drug companies claim to have rendered harmless. Unfortunately, it has proved to be anything but harmless because the injections have caused catastrophic combinations of miscarriages, infertility, sudden death, Long COVID, myocarditis, organ damage, and loss of hair, smell, and taste. Nevertheless, drug companies and their government allies continue to forcefully impose these dangerous injections on health care workers, government employees, and even pregnant women and defenseless infants.  


The mammalian stress mechanism clarifies immune mechanism activity by explaining how, where, and why immune activity is energized and activated by combinations of MSM and complement cascade activities. The simplest explanation, based on available evidence, is that the SARS, MERS, COVID, and COVID congeners are the product of military “germ warfare” research in the United States that discovered how to exaggerate the virulence of the normally innocuous coronavirus around 2010.5,6 Thus SARS, MERS and COVID differ from one another only in the degree of their virulence. The researchers who achieved this triumph feared that it could be used by “terrorists,” but they probably never imagined that the “terrorists” might be domestic pharmaceutical corporations and their government allies. 


The American government has violated its only legitimate purpose, which is to protect the public. That hardly includes destroying the health and fertility of the population, even including defenseless infants and small children. The government has created corporations that enjoy more rights, privileges, and protections than a living human being and live forever unless they are deliberately destroyed. Pharmaceutical corporations and their government allies have exhibited alarming contempt for public welfare that invites the conclusion that the COVID contagion represents deliberate mass murder. If ever there were a call to constrain corporate power and privilege and punish the malfeasance of corporate owners and agents, then surely this is it. 


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Lewis Coleman, MD, FAIS is a board-certified anesthesiologist who completed his BS degree in biology at Ohio State University, earned his MD degree from New York Medical College, and completed his surgical internship and anesthesiology residency at UCLA, followed by 40 years in private practice. Coleman’s basic sciences instruction at NYMC miraculously coincided with the two-year sojourn of Dr. Johannes Rhodin, a famous Swedish pioneer of electron microscopy who was retained by the school to upgrade its curriculum. Dr. Rhodin was an expert on the stress theory of Hans Selye. His stress theory lectures devastated the dogma of classical physiology and convinced Coleman that stress theory represented the future of medicine. Many years later, these lectures miraculously enabled Coleman to identify Selye’s long-sought stress mechanism. Thus identified, the stress mechanism enables Selye’s “Unified Theory of Medicine” that promises a new era of health, longevity, and freedom from the eternal curse of disease. Its implications exceed the bounds of medicine and confer a “unified theory of biology” that explains embryology, extinction, evolution, ethology, intelligence, anatomy, taxonomy, the Cambrian explosion, and dinosaurs, and resolves the disparities of Darwin, Lamarck, Baldwin, and saltation. Its distant implications reside in the realm of science fiction. His website http://www.stressmechanism.com is dedicated to stress theory and offers relevant materials free of charge. His book, 50 Years Lost in Medical Advance: The Discovery of Hans Selye’s Stress Mechanism, is available on Amazon. 

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