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Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, President of The American Institute of Stress, and COL (RET) Dr. Kathy T. Platoni, the Editor of this magazine, have graciously invited me to publish the following essay that proposes a fresh explanation of the deadly effects of the COVID contagion and its vaccinations.  

 Surely “Big Pharma” has gone too far this time. For years the pharmaceutical industry has mischievously influenced government policy to allow unbridled bombardment of the American public with drug advertisements, justify potentially toxic medications on the basis of manipulated statistics, employ all manner of shady stratagems to inflate the prices of its products, and influence hospitals to require worthless annual influenza vaccinations as an employment requirement. The latter is outrageous because the right to refuse any sort of medical treatment is well established in case law. If people can be legally compelled to accept vaccinations, then theoretically they can also be forced to donate vital organs and body parts.  

 The COVID contagion elevated this mischief to a new level by illegally bypassing established vaccine safety testing standards, influencing the American government to pass laws legally defining their unprecedented mRNA COVID injections as “vaccines,” and suppression of free speech to squelch protest of the draconian measures imposed to promote the acceptance of universal COVID immunizations.1 Perhaps the most outrageous example is the forced exposure of military personnel to deadly COVID “vaccinations” that have caused countless deaths of healthy young people. All this has produced a blatant bonanza of pharmaceutical profits. 

 The true origin of the COVID contagion has been ignored amidst the chaos. No later than 2010 researchers in the United States and the Netherlands discovered the means to artificially exaggerate viral virulence, and their technology has subsequently been employed to exaggerate the virulence of the normally harmless coronavirus, and create the COVID contagion.2,3 These advances undoubtedly resulted from “germ warfare” research subsidies. The researchers themselves worried that their discovery might be misused by “terrorists,” but it probably didn’t occur to them that the “terrorists” might be pharmaceutical companies. The catastrophic result is now history.  

 This special issue of Combat Stress magazine proposes a simplified explanation of the baffling symptoms and manifestations of the COVID contagion in the context of medical stress theory, which has long promised to revolutionize medicine and was recently enabled by my discovery of the mammalian stress mechanism.4 It illustrates the ability of stress theory to explain the nature of disease and enable effective treatments. For example, it has the ability to revolutionize the care of Soldiers who suffer severe burns, major trauma, harmful radiation, and toxic gas exposure during combat. 

Lewis S. Coleman, MD, FAIS 

Guest Editor 



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