How To De-Stress Your Home Life




Job stress appears to be getting all the headlines, but some of those problems may have their roots in difficulties at home.  Constant arguments with family members, financial difficulties and stressful environmental conditions are common home-life stresses which spill over into professional and other activities.  Measures which can be helpful in reducing stress at home include respecting the privacy and individuality of family members, establishing and adhering to definite rules to insure this, allowing for enough time as well as a place to relax or get adequate exercise, setting realistic goals for yourself and other family members, budgeting and promoting proper financial planning, reducing annoying sound levels and other environmental disturbances, joint efforts to promote neatness and order, and a sense daily routine.  Many problems stem from unilateral inappropriate demands and expectations from other in the household.  These can often be minimized by trying to guide rather than forcing others to achieve realistic goals.  A dictatorial attitude can backfire and result in losing the kid of leadership and control you are trying to achieve.  Teenagers are especially rebellious when it comes to authority and the best results come from setting a good example in terms of lifestyle, temperament, and resilience in dealing with family disputes.