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Lauren Fontan

Lauren Fontan

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Address 101 W Morehead St.
Apt. 315
Charlotte, NC, NC 28202

Phone Number (434) 473-1642


Biography Lauren is a Holistic Health expert and is exuberantly passionate about a diverse range of health-related topics. Whether it be weight loss, fitness, skincare, or environmental - living optimally is something she aspires to partake in each day. She graduated Cum Laude with a Public Health undergraduate degree. She is a Health Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Dietary Supplement Specialist and Personal Trainer. Lauren's life goal is to teach various health subjects she values to anyone who is curious about improving their quality of life. She refers to this as “the most fulfilling venture," so much so that it pushes her to continue researching new health topics from reputable sources to stay up to date on newly released information.

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