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Thomas McMurtry

Thomas McMurtry

Biographical Info Tom McMurtry, DAIS, Police Officer (ret) CPT, US Army, Special Forces (ret)Tom joined the US Army at the age of 19, volunteered for and completed infantry, airborne, and special forces training. After three years serving on a Special Forces HALO team Tom became a reservist. He stayed in the Special Operations Reserve for 20 more years. He was recalled to active duty for the invasion of Iraq as a Psychological Operations Specialist. After a 400-day deployment, during which he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, he returned home and entered the police academy at age 49. Tom served as a patrol officer for 15 years and received the Distinguished Action Award for his response on the night of the Dayton mass shooting in the Oregon District. Throughout these experiences he was a teacher, in the military, the police department, at the High School and College level as well as at his church. All of this aside, Tom will tell you his greatest success has been his 45-year marriage to his wife, Holly, along with their 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

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