The Black Swan China

By Robert R. Rail, PhD 

*This is an article from the Winter 2024 issue of Combat Stress

The only hypothesis to base a strategic assessment of the damage and destruction facing the United States through the exposed southern border is the evaluation of present peril and past tactically learned knowledge of potential threat. 

The challenge to our nation cannot and will never be met by the unconcerned politically myopic, who choose to stare blindly upon the hordes of criminal invaders without seeing further and more deeply into the multi-faceted threats that are concealed within this flood of unlawful humanity. 

The multi-faceted foreign militia hidden within the massive border fed concentrations of criminal alien population will metastasize in size and strength and reveal their presence with random sabotage and unobstructed attacks to our nation’s most vulnerable areas of critical need and function with little to no available response. The unwary and exposed water filtration systems, electrical energy grids, interstate highway network, petroleum refineries, grain and food storage, communication network, medical infrastructure, and our vast faithful and brave coast to coast network of fire and police stations, will all potentially collapse under the coming attacks and sabotage. 

These concealed unidentified highly trained military age men from the America hating communist and thug theocracies of the world, will hide themselves as threads in a cloth of invasion that our nation may soon wear as a death shawl across the casket of our once defensible and strong republic. 

In as little as the very months ahead, to the unfortunately probable, near future, our nation will become comprised by uncontrollable war zones of criminal enterprise, economic failure, and uncontainable concentrations of random diversionary tactical attacks.

With unchallenged lawless behavior and civilian slaughter due to liberal anti-police and military demeaning and obstructing policies, it may well all come to fruition with the wheels of blood and carnage now turning as we speak at our borders. The state and federal courts spewing forth their politically generated negative resolve against the greatest of our population that have taken the oath to serve and save have “almost” destroyed the remaining spirit and courage of our best of the best. Our once under control nation will now have another dimension of unforeseen adversity and catastrophe to deal with. 

With prolific numbers of military age Chinese pouring over the suspiciously undefended southern border of the United States, and the strategic placement of covert operatives into the social and political fabric of our foolishly trusting government and agencies, we have rendered forth a lucrative endowment of critical information to they who relish and savor the concept of enslavement and conquest of our nation by the metastasizing of their invasive and insidious numbers upon our soil and amongst our vulnerable passive and indoctrinated masses.

On May 7, 2023, in Juarez, Mexico, hundreds of migrants from different nationalities await processing by the Border Patrol after crossing the border in search of humanitarian asylum.

While the roots of this enveloping and poisonous vine are in China the tendrils have and are “ever” attaching to our sabotaged military, subverted social dignity and feeble governmental leadership, from the very faltering and financially embellished presidency, on down to the errant and incompetent elected and their quietly appointed who wander the halls of an arrogant and complaisant congress. 

The politicians are not sentient of the vine that they have heedlessly embraced and that the vine has also embraced them even more tightly. This vine has long poisonous thorns beneath its leaves of silver that have beguiled and mesmerized their morals and judgment. They have become the vine’s unknowing foundation and strength over years of refutation, while the Black Swan (Black Swan is an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences) has been feeding and growing strong on the fruit of the vine. But when the vines poisonous thorns pierce deeply into their compromised and compensated victims, as they distractedly count out their thirty leaves of silver, it will be their end and the fated demise of all who followed them down their path of duplicity and submission to the roots in China.

Due to the fragmentation and corruption of our federal agencies, and the disloyalty of the investigation agencies quest, the elite and deeply insidious China invasive information gathering network has become a far more effective indicator of social and political outcomes in our nation’s future. If China mole resources feel Biden will retain power and wield passive influence, they will consider continuing to take small bites of their feast of the world, but if they conclude that the Biden administration is in jeopardy of losing its fumbling influence to a more resistant and pro-American administration they will in the interim time pursue their world conquest interests at a much greater speed to accomplish their long planned objectives. They shall act sooner rather than later, with their long-planned operations in the China Sea, Taiwan, Cuba, the Philippines, South America, and other undisclosed vulnerable areas. 

This constantly revealing gold mine of critical tactical information within the grasp of China, flows unobstructed from the traitorous and gullible missteps and errors of our once secured federal agencies and restricted committees back to the bloody vine roots, while the Biden administration naively and openly trades and cooperates gratefully and subserviently, and feeds itself from a China provided sewer of misinformation and vague promises of détente, that are never to be.

The greatest travesty and menace to our nation is the treasonous complacency that is tolerating the world’s threats and evils that surge as a fetid river over our borders and into our nation with its unknown but soon to materialize dreadfulness. We have disastrously and incessantly failed to learn from the lethal and critical failures history has taught us that the fires of war come to the weak and peace comes as showers upon the strong. We see the world in conflict but fail to surmise, what is there can also come here? We complacently and ignorantly disregarded the painful lessons of the past, and as a result may not survive to face them in the future! 

We are not tactically able to be pro-active but relegated to be reactive to the clandestine actions of our informed and knowledgeable insidious enemy. The forecasting of pending Black Swan incidents against national and economic security is nesting in the reality of the Biden administration’s Non compos mentis” (of unsound mind) world circumstance. The Biden administration has neither the interest nor the ability to resolve any and all Black Swans. 

As the Biden administration seeks to completely prioritize all efforts upon a path of bogus intellectual pursuits, folly of policy, and social political misdirection, the Black Swan patiently roosts upon the poisonous China vine waiting for the moment most will never be aware of even when it happens. 



Robert R. Rail is a retired sworn law enforcement officer who has over thirty years of experience as an international criminal justice instructor, international police officer, and published author. He served as a Village of Oak Brook Police Officer in the State of Illinois for over twenty-four years as a patrol commander, detective, tactical trainer, and as Director of Training for Hiatt-Thompson Handcuffs in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to being a career law enforcement officer, he has been on the faculty of several universities and colleges and has taught instructor certification classes in the field of Criminal Justice at Triton College, Northwestern University, College of Du Page, Murray State University, Lester B. Pearson International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Canada, Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy, and numerous other academies and institutions. 

He has also volunteered his scuba skills as a P.A.D.I Dive Master to help teach underwater and ice recoveries of evidence, bomb, gun, and bodies at Northwestern University, for the dive teams of the Chicago Police Dept, and other attending police departments across the nation. 

He served with the United Nations as a member of the American contingent of the International Police Task Force in Bosnia and Kosovo, where his book on “use of force” and handcuffing tactics was selected by the United Nations Police Task Force to serve as the guide for police training throughout Balkans for both the Bosnian Police and the International Peacekeepers. While with the International Training and Support Section of the International Police Task Force in Bosnia, He served as Course Curriculum Designer and Staff Instructor for the incoming police of over fifty-eight nations, with a specialty in Physical Confrontation and Use of Force. 

At the United Nations International Police Training Center in Pristina, Kosovo he was an instructor and trainer where he instructed international officers being deployed to various war zones in the fields of Use of Force, Weapons Training, Officer Survival, Criminal Justice, and Body Signs of Confrontation. 

He was also Director/Member of the SAT Team (Selection Assistance Team) and traveled to Bulgaria, Ghana, Senegal, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Spain, Jordon, Russia, Ukraine, (and other confidential nations) to train and evaluate international officers for war zone fitness and survival potential. 

In Iraq he was an instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the Baghdad Police College where he taught classes in “Interview and Interrogation,” “Police Management and Supervision,” “Death Investigation”, “Use of Force”, “Short & Long Weapons,” “Violent Body Gestures,” “Ethics,” “Criminal Investigation,” and “Instructor Development.” 

He has used his experiences in the criminal justice field to author several, published books, and articles for professional periodicals: Surviving the International War Zone Taylor & Francis Publishing, Custodial Cuffing and Restraint VARRO Press, Reactive Handcuffing Tactics VARRO Press, The Unspoken Dialogue, VARRO Press Humane Interactive Advanced Tactical Training (Illustrated guide to reactive handcuffing), Defense Without Damage” (Photo illustrated guide to arrest and control tactics). Many of these deal with proper procedures regarding police officers and the use of handcuffs, verbalization and de-escalation, tactical use of force, and other restraint situations and circumstances. 

For his work, he has received numerous certifications and commendations, not only from local and state departments but also from federal agencies and international governments including certification as an “International Police Trainer” from the United States Department of Justice, the United Nations Medal of Service, and awarded recognition from the United States Department of State for distinguished service in Iraq and for extraordinary courage in Kosovo. 

His formal education includes Doctorate in International Justice Enforcement Education and Doctorate from Baghdad Police College under the authority of the United States Department of Justice (International Police Studies). He has received numerous certifications in justice and martial arts related courses. 

His formal training includes training from the United State Department of Justice for International Police War Zone Enforcement, the Illinois Governmental Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Board, and the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy. His training also includes numerous state, federal, and international in-service training programs in various Criminal Justice Enforcement fields. 

Comments and questions welcome at [email protected] 


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