Please enjoy this gift of an introductory course on stress.

And may you and yours have a joyful stress-free holiday.


Free Evidence-based Workforce Resilience and Well-being Course

Developed and donated by AIS Diplomate Ell Harlander, MEd, DAIS


Get comfortable and take a little time to prioritize yourself. In this course, you will learn behaviors, coping strategies, and mindsets that lead to a better quality of life, and increased resilience against the negative impacts of stress.

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Picture2.jpgEll Harlander, MEd, DAIS, is the owner of Elevate Stress Management Services, in Brunswick, GA. She is pictured here leading one of the seminars she routinely conducts on stress management.

Stress management and well-being are rising concerns in 2021. In the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America 2020 Survey, nearly seven in 10 (67%) Americans say their stress levels have increased over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly two-thirds responded (61%) they could have used more emotional support than they received over the past 12 months.

According to stress management specialist Ell Harlander, it’s time to rethink stress management. “We all have a lot on our plate and the hassles of everyday life have been growing. It’s important to invest in ourselves at this time and renegotiate our relationship to stress.”

Ell is known for her love of educating and empowering others. Whether she’s facilitating a nutrition workshop or working one-on-one with clients to help them manage their stress and increase their well-being, she always keeps her love for the community at the forefront. She’s recently started publishing a free quarterly digital publication called The Stress Digest for local businesses to distribute to their employees. “These are stressful times and I want to provide affordable, accessible services to help the community deal with the rising stressors amidst this pandemic – and if I can provide some helpful information for free – all the better,” exclaims Ell.

Ell has a master’s degree in adult education with an emphasis in behavioral psychology. She also has a university diploma in comprehensive nutrition where she focused her research on the reciprocal effects of stress and nutrition. She is a Diplomate of The American Institute of Stress and you can hear her speak on the February edition of the American Institute of Stress’s national podcast, “Finding Contentment.”

You can hear the AIS podcast with Ell Here